Water Tank Cleaning

Do I need to have water tanks cleaned and disinfected?

Water tanks should be cleaned and disinfected regularly but also in the following cases:

* when your routine inspection and risk assessment has shown cleaning to be necessary – for example, when there is stagnant water, corrosion, flora growth, animal contamination, sediment or biofilm

* when your water system or even just a part of it has undergone substantial changes or has been entered for the purposes of maintenance or reparation in such a manner that may have led to contamination

* when there is or has been an outbreak or even a suspected outbreak of Legionellosis

Approved Code of Practice rules and regulations state that a proliferation of Legionella can be caused by the build-up of sludge or other nutrients in water services. It is for this reason that ACOP L8 recommends that cooling systems are cleaned and disinfected a minimum of twice a year. When it comes to other domestic systems, however, such as storage tanks, cleaning and disinfecting is only required when a routine inspection shows that it is necessary. Many people still have all of their water systems cleaned and disinfected at least once a year as part of their regular maintenance programme.

Water tanks that are neglected and left uncleaned are prone to infection and may have numerous different types of bacteria present in the water, including Legionella, which may lead to an outbreak of Legionnaires disease, which is of course potentially fatal.

Water tanks, cooling towers and reservoirs that remain neglected are at an extremely high level of risk where the spread of disease is concerned. In conditions where water systems are allowed to deteriorate, Legionella bacteria can easily proliferate.

Blue Fish Water Management are specialists in the hygienic testing and control of water systems and we can ensure that all of your systems comply with the very latest UK health and safety guidelines, avoiding any violation of current regulations as well as keeping you and your employees, tenants or members of the public safe.

Blue Fish are registered with the Legionella Control Association, and use only the very latest disinfection and chlorination methods and techniques to guarantee only the very best cold water tank cleaning, attic water tank cleaning and motorhome water tank cleaning. Whatever your water tank cleaning requirements, Blue Fish ensure an unbeatable level of hygiene and safety, making sure at the same time that our service is 100% environmentally-friendly and excellent value for money.


Keeping your tanks clean and safe is your legal duty.

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