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Legionella Risk Assessment

“A suitable and sufficient assessment must be carried out to identify and assess the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems on the premises and any precautionary measures needed. The duty holder is responsible for ensuring the risk assessment is carried out…”

HSE ACoP L8. Paragraph 28.

Blue Fish Water Management can complete a comprehensive risk assessment of your water system and highlight any potential sources of risk.

Monitoring & Inspection Programmes

“If the assessment shows that there is a reasonably foreseeable risk and it is reasonably practicable to prevent exposure or control the risk from exposure, the duty holder under paragraph 28 should appoint a competent person or persons to help undertake the measures needed to comply with the requirements in COSHH.”

HSE ACoP L8. Paragraph 48.

Blue Fish Water Management can compile a written scheme of control for your water systems and implement it accordingly.

Water Sampling & Analysis

“Water quality testing can be carried out to determine the biological, chemical and physical properties of water systems. In some instances, it will be a legal requirement to test for legionella bacteria in your water system.”

Blue Fish Water Management Ltd use UKAS accredited laboratories for all water sampling.

Remedial Works

“Where remedial works are highlighted by the risk assessment or monitoring programme it is likely that areas of your water system may need improvement or replacement to remain compliant and help to reduce the growth of legionella bacteria.”

Blue Fish Water Management’s team of experienced fitters can carry out all remedial works from tank replacement to small localised works such as dead leg removal.

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About Us Blue Fish Water Management

Blue Fish Water Management Ltd are specialists in all fields of legionella control – providing legionella prevention and water hygiene services across the UK covering domestic, industrial and commercial properties.

We have a highly experienced management team that can offer honest, practical and effective advice to customers within all sectors to help them remain compliant with all areas of water safety.

Our team of experts deliver legionella risk assessments, UKAS accredited water testing, analysis, compliance audits, awareness training, water system monitoring and extensive remedial works ranging from cold water storage tank replacements to system disinfection works.

It is our main objective to create long term relationships with our clients through quality service delivery and effective management of our client’s needs.

Bluefish Water Management

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