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Blue Fish Water Management is one of the UK’s leading providers of Legionella testing and Legionnaires disease risk assessment. We specialise in monitoring, control and treatment services and equipment for all water systems, both domestic and industrial. This includes water chlorination services.

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What is chlorination?

Water Chlorination refers to the process of adding chlorine to a water supply with the aim of disinfecting the water. Disinfection refers to the removal or elimination of the presence of potentially lethal or at the very least health-threatening organisms from the water and associated water systems.

Disinfection is a legal requirement in the UK, both for public water supply, for private clients and for domestic supplies in buildings that are in public use, such as hospitals, schools, factories, offices and shopping centres – basically wherever a risk assessment shows that there is potential for that water system to become infected by Legionella or any other pathogen. All of these various types of premises are first of all covered by the Health and Safety at Work Act, as well as by legal requirements to have Legionella risk assessment carried out on water systems.

Chlorine is utilised as a disinfectant

Legionella can be supported in any water systems, but are particularly likely in hot and cold water systems, water cooling systems and cooling towers, evaporative condensers, spa pools, misters, air washers, spray humidifiers and wet scrubbers, water features and fountains, sprinklers and safety showers, vehicle washing systems and any other system wherein water is contained and could potentially allow for the growth and spread of bacteria.

Chlorine is known to be a highly effective disinfectant that is used commonly to treat all water supplies, killing pathogens in the process, including of course Legionella bacteria, as well as other viruses and potentially harmful organisms and contaminants.

The water chlorination process

The process of water chlorination is complicated and during the process, the treated water system will require constant and careful monitoring throughout in order to ensure that optimum water conditions are achieved and maintained both during and after the disinfection process.

Without the right amount of testing and monitoring throughout the cleaning of the system and the actual chlorination, there are many things that can go wrong. Too little chlorine and the water system will not be properly disinfected. Too much and the water can become corrosive and may actually cause damage to the entire water system.

This is why it is absolutely essential to engage a professional water management company to help you care of your chlorination requirements. Blue Fish Water Management have a specially designed chlorination test kit that promises to effectively manage each system clean, ensuring perfect chlorination and disinfection every time. We will also issue you with a chlorination certificate on completion of your system clean.

Blue Fish Water Management specialise in water system testing and risk assessment. Whether you are an employer or a landlord, we can ensure the health and safety of the people who use your premises.

Having your water systems tested is a legal duty. Be sure to give Blue Fish Water Management a call today.

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